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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

There is no such thing as the perfect plan. I repeat, there is no such thing as the perfect plan. At times, the ability to change is necessary while still working on your original goal in line with new circumstances.

Over the last month, I've had weddings, social events, and an increased workload to manage. For me, there has been no other option than to get the job done; the alternative is not acceptable. I have found that my 'why' has played a vital role, but more on that another day.

After speaking with Mick after the first four weeks, we decided to increase calories by 200-300 per day. I have averaged around 15,000 steps a day, trained at least six times per week, all while running and progressing my business. Energy increased instantly, combined with around six litres of water a day and a regular sleeping pattern.

All the above are not groundbreaking, but ordinary things done consistently gets results. I've been eating a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, fibrous carbohydrates and good healthy fats while at the same time not being afraid to have one-two cheat/off-plan meals a week to replenish my energy levels.

But the most significant change I have found during these last eight weeks is dropping alcohol. My sleep has improved, my day to day performance, as well as my clarity of mind. By no means is this my way of converting the world, or my clients, to a life of sobriety. But, I have essential months ahead of me, and for me to be the best business owner, friend, partner, and son that I want to be, I can long see this continuing as I move forward.

My body is beginning to take shape, while my mind is clear on what needs to be done. The final few weeks are ahead of me, time to walk the walk.



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