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Josh F.jpeg

Ollie is excitable, educated and an informative PT. Although we’ve known each other for years and we have a laugh, Ollie maintains a professional environment to help me get the best results. We are currently working on my strength training, and since working with Ollie, I’ve been able to overcome my previous limits and push myself harder than before. If you have any questions, he is always there as well. I couldn’t recommend him more if I tried!


“Signing up with Ollie was one of the best things I have ever done! He has helped me achieve my goals, and I love our sessions. He makes it enjoyable to train and is very motivating and encouraging throughout. I'm looking forward to setting new goals, training hard, and seeing what I can do with my strength and conditioning.”

Lee B.jpeg

Ollie's encouragement has pushed my body further than I thought imaginable. I've never once had the dreaded feeling and lack of motivation when I was previously at a gym. The workouts are different; even as challenging as they are, Ollie is always there to guide and provide a helping hand. I started on one session a week but now do two as it is enjoyable and addictive and a positive experience.

MATT W.jpeg

I've always trained and been going to the gym since around 20/21 years old. I'm 35 now, and although I'm in shape, I'd gotten to a point where I'd become bored of the same workouts. I'd followed Ollie for a while on Instagram and liked what I saw, so I messaged him and explained I just needed to change things up and to get a bit of accountability by turning up each week. Ollie's done just that in the short time I've been training with him. I feel stronger every session and learn new ways to train, prepare and adapt.

ALEX H.jpeg

I started seeing Ollie as soon as the gyms reopened. I wanted to build some confidence and see how strength training could help develop my climbing and make me more injury resistant. Ollie showed me how to deadlift, bench press, squat, front squat, and warm-up effectively to get the most out of my exercises. Ollie was patient, experienced and knowledgeable. He was always free to answer questions, even now when I want to show him how I have progressed since we started. The most significant benefit of working with Ollie was developing my understanding of creating tension and applying that when climbing on a rock or the wall. I now find it much easier to keep my feet solid, and I feel much more robust and stable in awkward positions. I would recommend Ollie to anyone seeking strength and conditioning training.

Cat N.jpeg

I’ve dabbled in HIIT and weights (dumbbells hiding under the sofa) in the past and mainly run to keep fit. I was gradually getting wider, had continual back ache, and my running was suffering. I started seeing Ollie in March this year after randomly coming across him on Instagram. After gradually altering different aspects of my life and outlook, I’m beginning to see the results I want. I now don’t have any back aches! Ollie is positive and reassuring, gives good banter, and it’s one of my favourite times of the week. 

Rebecca 1.jpg

After becoming a teacher, I found less and less time to go to the gym. It started to affect me physically and mentally, and I lost all motivation to work out. After speaking with Ollie, I realised that I did have the time and what I needed was someone in my corner to keep me going. Now, I am a lot fitter and happier, and every week I cannot wait to get back to the gym.

Sarah 1.jpg

Right from the off, I've felt heard and seen by Ollie. I've struggled for a long time with my weight, but when Ollie heard I'd been on and off diets for most of my adult life, he took the focus away from that and placed it firmly on my strength and fitness. I knew for a while that strength training would benefit me but didn't know where to start and felt intimidated by gyms (especially the weights room). With Ollie's guidance and support, I not only have a smashed PB's, but I've joined a gym, exercised consistently, and generally feel so much better about myself.

Max 1.jpg

I've trained with Ollie for a few years now. He has helped me lose weight, build strength and rekindle a passion for exercise and keeping fit. I'm in the best physical shape of my life, down to Ollie's constant support, encouragement and coaching. His sessions are the highlights of my week. Plus, if I'm ever in need of inspiration or ideas for home or gym workouts, Ollie is always there to provide some guidance and wisdom!

Paul 1.jpeg

It's pretty simple; the better shape I am in physically, and mentally the better I am for my boy. I continue to train harder than ever with you to ensure greater mobility for full-on, relentless Dad duties. I've gone from a post-knee-ops-hobbling-wreck to now being able to fully squat, lunge and now some jogging.


I felt I lacked the knowledge & confidence to get back into the gym alone, & didn’t know what exercises would best suit me. Choosing Ollie as a PT was a no brainier, his attitude is infectious & makes you feel like you have someone in your corner day in day out. I recently achieved my marathon goal, with a time of 2:54, & I attribute a huge element of that to Ollie for helping me get stronger, giving me accountability for my training, & also giving me bags of confidence through his constant support.

Emma 1.jpeg

I’ve been working with Ollie for two years now & it's been some journey! We've been through lockdowns, moving house, and various life events that can often have the potential to get in the way of training. But, he instilled in me from the start that my consistency was vital, and that has stood me in good stead.

John 1.jpeg

I’ve tried regular gyms before but quickly lost interest and motivation. Lower back pain wasn’t helping. I needed a push and encouragement to keep going. Once I spoke to Ollie and had a session in the gym, I knew this was for me... Thanks to a very patient and understanding PT.

Paul 2.jpeg

After years of back issues, physio appointments and my physical confidence at an all-time low, I decided to do something about it and met Ollie, I knew he was the coach for me. I’ve never felt as strong; I feel fantastic every time I leave the gym, and I love every moment. Ollie has helped boost my physical development and my everyday confidence. Top guy!.

Jordan 1.jpeg

In my first 12 weeks with Ollie, I’m the strongest I’ve ever felt, PB’s have been broken & I finished Manchester Marathon in 03:26. Ollie has taken the time to understand my needs and work around my existing coach plans... his enthusiasm and infectious energy keep me smiling throughout every session.

Dan 1.jpeg

I started working with Ollie to get my body into better shape for when I line up at Manchester Marathon, to help elevate my running to the next level. Within the first couple of weeks, I saw a benefit almost immediately. A month in, I feel stronger, my posture is better, and my running benefits.

Jonny 1.jpeg

Thank you for your guidance and support in getting me to my best physical health.

Mary 1.jpeg

As a student, I felt like I'd been neglecting my physical health. Within just a couple of sessions, I have significantly improved how I feel physically and mentally and can feel how much fitter I am when playing tennis. I look forward to every session and can't wait to see what I can achieve.


Are you ready to get the results? Let's start your fitness journey today.

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