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Ever experienced the frustration of diligently following your fitness routine, only to face an unexpected number on the scale? We've all been there, including yours truly. As a coach dedicated to empowering clients with knowledge, I understand the importance of unravelling the mysteries behind weight fluctuations.

Understanding the Rollercoaster: 8 Reasons Behind Weight Changes ⤵️

1. Food and Drink Weight:

Your meals and beverages carry weight, impacting the scale. It's not just about calories.

2. Sodium and Carbs’ Water Weight:

Don't fear carbs – they're essential for energy. Both sodium and carbs cause temporary water retention.

3. Bathroom Breaks Matter:

Digestion and bathroom habits influence your weight. Sometimes you haven't, well, let it all out.

4. Exercise Effects:

Sore muscles and sweating during workouts cause short-term weight shifts – a natural part of the process.

5. Medication's Impact:

Medications might induce water retention, increased appetite, or inflammation. Something to consider if you're on any medications.

6. Menstrual Cycle Variations:

For women, menstrual cycles introduce another layer of complexity. Every woman is unique, and these fluctuations are normal.

7. Alcohol's Aftermath:

Cheers to the occasional drink, but remember, alcohol brings empty calories that linger in your system for days.

8. Illness Influence:

When unwell, your body prioritizes healing, potentially causing weight fluctuations. Cut yourself some slack during those sick days.

Weighing Wisely:

Here's a practical tip – weigh yourself daily right after waking up and using the bathroom. Average the weekly results to observe your body's natural fluctuations. This approach minimizes the stress associated with daily or random weigh-ins.

Remember, it's about getting smart, not stressed. Feel free to ask any questions – I'm here to help.

Stay healthy,

Ollie 🌟



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